Are You Prepared?

I think I am colder now 6 days after the official start of Spring than I have been all winter! I am so ready for my friend Spring to come and see me. I am ready to play outside and just bask in the radiant beams of the sun. I need to get outside of this house and work in the yard and work in the camper. Alot of work has to be done if it is going to be ready for play time this summer.

I went to visit my son Kellan and his girlfriend this evening. He got a tent for Christmas and he has been working on his list of things and he is gathering his gear for his first camping outing on his own. Because they have been young college students and usually have to work on weekends, we have not been able to share this part of our lives with them. This summer things are different and they say they are coming with us. I am so excited!!!


Kelland and Chelsea at Christmas

So what kind of things do you have on your list to get ready for all the summer excitement? I will be going through and restocking soap, deodorant, new toothbrushes, paper products, etc. We camp alot and having all the basic essentials in the camper for the summer to make it easier for us. We can be ready to leave the house usually within 30 minutes if we wait to go to the grocery store when we arrive at our destination.

Kellan’s birthday was this month and I decided to get him some camping gear for his birthday. I was quickly overwhelmed not knowing exactly what he would need. So I decided to get him all the basics. Charcoal, lighter fluid, a GOOD knife, large tarp, marshmallow sticks, lighter, bug spray, paper plates, forks, etc. Get the picture?  You thought I forget the marshmallows didn’t you! There was a pack of my favorites included – Campfire marshmallows.

Spring is coming and with that it usually brings a variety of weather.  One of the things you will need is a weather radio.  Severe weather can strike at any time and I take the weather radio along with us when the weather is questionable.  Weather radios are very reasonably priced.  I think I paid $30.00 for the radio.  Mine has many features.  It runs off batteries or ac/dc and it has a flashlight.  I can’t stress how important it is to own a weather radio and it is really important to have one available while staying in your camper trailer.  It literally could save your life.  Where we park our camper for the summer there is no TV signal.  That took some getting used to!  We depend on the weather radio while we are staying in the camper.


There are also several good apps that are free or available for purchase to help you monitor the weather. Our local TV station is KFVS-12 out of Cape Girardeau, MO.  They have a weather app that allows us to see a radar and keeps us informed via the app and Facebook on where the most dangerous weather is. My husband is a big fan of Accuweather. It is also free. The Weather Channel has an app also.

Several radio stations and daily newspapers in the area send out text messages on the current watches/warnings as a service to those who sign up to receive them.  While I do receive these, I don’t rely too heavily on it.  I have noticed that the notifications don’t come in a timely fashion after the alert was issued.  These are great to receive but a weather radio is always going to give you the most update accurate information.  Don’t forget the batteries!


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