Scout the GPS App

We are looking for a car for one of our daughters and my husband and I headed over to Murphysboro, IL to check out a few cars that we saw online.  It had been awhile since I had been in that part of Illinois.  While I was putting in the address into our GPS, my husband says hey try this new app called Scout by Telenav that I got yesterday.  Truth be known – I already had the address in the GPS!  He really wanted me to try it so I pulled up the app and put in the directions.  Now I am not really of fan of most GPS apps.  I just don’t like the look of most of them.  I have been using the Maps app on my phone some.


It was very easy to operate and get the directions started and it has a route planning FEATURE!  Loved loved loved this Scout app!  It let me choose which route that I wanted to take with all the information I needed on one screen (miles to destination, time it would take me there, and a map showing each highlighted route).  It is a battery killer so beware if you leave it running in the background it will run your battery down!  But it is well worth the purchase price of FREE in the Itunes store.  If you are looking to give it a try then head on over to the Itunes store and look for Scout by Telenav.


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