Five Things I Want NOW!

I have spring fever….BAD!  When March hits I start thinking about these 5 things.  These things are Awesome!  These things I usually only get when it is warm outside.

1.  Fried Potatoes!  Not just any fried potatoes but fried potatoes that are cooked outside on the griddle.  They are YUMMY!!  They are also made by the hubby.  It is his speciality.

2.  Ice Cream.  Ok I have had ice cream several times recently and it wasn’t warm outside but there is ALWAYS room for ice cream when it is warm and because I am so cold natured it usually comes to mind a little more when it is warm.

3.  Camping!  I love love love camping!  For me it is a break to not think about anything except for what is right in front of me and that is usually my sweet husband, crazy kids, friends and family.

4.  Showering Outside!  Hmmm, I bet I got your attention on that one.  We have a bathroom/shower house on wheels, 4 walls with no roof.  It is literally the best shower I have ever taken.  EVER!

5.  Just Being Outside!  There are so many beautiful things that spring and summer have to offer.  The sounds, the experiences, nature and all its beauty.  I am so looking forward to hanging outside, getting the garden ready, visiting with my neighbors, swimming, hiking, and really just experiencing all that God has given us!  Hurry up spring!  This girl is ready!

Job 28:10 – He cuts out rivers among the rocks; and his eye sees every precious thing.


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