To Use or Not To Use

Grandma's Tablecloth

Grandma’s Tablecloth

So when my aunts cleaned out my Grandmother’s house in Michigan several years ago, this is one of the items that was sent to Missouri.  Mom, my daughter Kara, and me sat down and divided everything up.  We enjoyed looking through all the stuff.  We had no memories attached to this stuff.  This grandmother was my mother’s birth mother and we didn’t come to know her until many years later.  It offered a glimpse into a past we didn’t know.  There were several tableclothes and this is one I saw and took.  I put it away for several years and when we moved in 2008, I ran across it again.  I saw an opportunity to use it on the picnic table when we go camping.

That summer several people remarked how beautiful the tablecloth was and they didn’t seem too sure I should be using it.  Now I have never been a tablecloth loving queen and I do get annoyed when I put it on the picnic table and less than 12 hours later it is so dirty it needs to come off to be washed.  As you can tell in the picture it has been used and stained alot!


Such pretty detail!

I was recently thinking about my husband’s mother and how much we miss her.  I think about family reunions that she and her sisters would always arrive first to get everything ready.  They would lay tableclothes of many colors out on the picnic tables.  Since she is gone who is going to do that?  Will my generation get there before everyone else and lay out those tableclothes?


I have a new of eyes when it comes to the many colors of this old tablecloth and to the many shades of stains that have appeared.  The colors of this tablecloth are valued not for it’s age or beauty but for the old and new memories that are made sitting around that picnic table!

So it is a nice warm spring day and yes I am packing that old tablecloth so it can be put out for a family meal, a game of cards, or a nice conversation with friends.  Yes it will get dirty and it will be removed and washed and then used again!


Places to go! Greenville Recreational Area in Missouri

Spring is almost here. Time to plan for spring camping!  Yes it is above 50 and I can dream.

So are you looking for a relaxing weekend?  Hook up the RV and head to Greenville Recreation Area located on the northern end of Wappapello Lake.  This campground is perfect for the young and old!  My favorite time to visit this campground is in the spring and fall!

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

Nice flat, spacious paved sites with electric.  Fill up your water tank as you pull in the campground and utilize the dump station on the way out.  Shower house is very nice and CLEAN!

Enjoy the day playing volleyball, at the horseshoe pit, or hiking on the sidewalks of the old Greenville township exploring the history of the town before it was moved in 1941.  The town was relocated two miles up the road because this low lying piece of land continued to experience flooding from the St. Francois river.

There is also a boat ramp in the recreational area if you would like to access Lake Wappapello for a day of fishing.

Important to know if you would like to visit:

Can sites be reserved prior to arrival?  Yes there are sites that can be reserved by phone 1-877-444-6777 or online and some that are first come first serve.  Visit  My experience is if you are going on a holiday weekend.  Book early!  We usually try and reserve online when we know we are going.  It is quick and easy.

Do sites have water, electric, sewer?  Electric – yes, Fresh water is available at the dump station to fill up tanks on the camperon the way in.  There are some water hookups located in various places in the campground.  There is a dump station that is super easy to get in and out to dump or obtain water.

How much room will I have at my campsite? Sites are very, VERY spacious!  Lots of green space for pets and kids to play! 

Where can the kids play?  There are a couple of playgrounds, an amphitheater, horseshoe pits, trails, and volleyball pit.  Did I mention the green space?!  Several fields available for kids to play tag, football, or baseball.  Three loops to this campground.  Nice and flat.  Bring your bikes because you are going to want to take the kids on a bike ride through the campground!

What about noise?  Very quiet and at night perfect for listening to nature and enjoying star gazing!

Where can I get a bag of ice?  Town is 2 miles up the road.  Easy ride up for ice, groceries, or firewood.  We like to eat at the Fishin Hole.  Smoke-free and the fish is good. 

What about swimming?  There is no beach for swimming but we always head up the rode where the locals swim.  Head into town and just ask for directions.  It is off of Highway 34 on the way to Piedmont.

Can I bring firewood?  There are some restrictions on firewood due to insect infestations in the wood.  Check the website to know these restrictions. 

Do they have special events? Yes check the website for special events.  The rangers sometimes do programs at the amphitheater.  There are quite a few special dates for special events on-site or nearby including their Black Powder Rendevous in April and Old Greenville Days in September.  Reserve a camping spot early if you would like to attend one of these two weekends.  These are very popular events!

GPS Coordinates?  Directions are available on the website and GPS Coordinates are available there as well.

Our dog Nick enjoying Spring.  It won't come soon enough for him.

Our dog Nick enjoying Spring. It won’t come soon enough for him.